The Microformer T&D System


Microformer Transmission and Distribution (T&D). An electricity network operating in the ‘medium’ voltage range of ~1.5 – 2.5 kV (1500 – 2500V) with 1kW max going through each Microformer transformer to serve that electrical load. 


The Microformer is an enabling technology, allowing small grids in rural developing world settings to be created, interconnecting distributed renewable energy generation and other sources. This Microformer-based grid allows generation and load to interconnect in a fashion that minimizes power losses while keeping costs very low. Other rural electrification options do not balance cost, transmission voltage, power rating, and resource reuse like the Microformer does. Renewable and distributed generation in rural developing world settings, once restricted by cost or power loss disadvantages, can now use Microformers to enable the distribution of electricity over distances that are on the order of kilometers in length at a fraction of the cost of traditional techniques, thus providing another tool to combat energy poverty.

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