Open Hardware License

The TAPR Open Hardware License & The Microformer

The Microformer design shall be licensed under the TAPR (Tucson Amateur Packet Radio) Open Hardware License (OHL). Essentially, we are giving others the right to copy, modify, and distribute Microformer documentation, and to make, use, and distribute Microformers and Microformer systems based on this documentation.

The goal in using this TAPR OHL is to provide a formally written set of rules about our intentions for the Microformer and any projects derived from the Microformer design. Because we seek to provide designs for a simple, low-cost, low-power distribution transformer to individuals, groups, or institutions desiring to pursue rural electrification in developing communities or teach power engineering principles to students, we need to keep barriers to accessing this information as low as possible. Access such as this can only be guaranteed, we feel, if our design is free and open to all.

Please see the TAPR Open Hardware License website for more information. Also, please see the TAPR OHL wikipedia website for additional info.

Because we are creating a design that we want to license under the TAPR OHL, we will:

  • Include the OHL document in a file named LICENSE.TXT (or LICENSE.PDF) that is included in the Documentation webpage
  • Include the notice “Licensed under the TAPR Open Hardware License (” in each documentation file. While not required, anyone modifying Microformer documentation or making Microformers should also include this notice on the Microformer itself; if space is limited the notice can be shortened or abbreviated.
  • Include a copyright notice in each file and on each Microformer
  • Include our email address ( in a file named “CONTRIB.TXT” or something similar, because we wish to be notified of modifications that others make to the Microformer design.

Microformer Logo and Nameplate

Check the latest nameplate in the Documentation section.

Please print out the Microformer Logo and Nameplate to use in your field projects. We want everyone to know what designs you are using, and where they can go to find this information. The nameplate will provide information and safety concerns at a glance.

Copyright Microformer 2011.