The Microformer 2010 Climate Leadership Challenge Report Submission

The members of our team entered the 2010 Climate Leadership Challenge at the University of Wisconsin with our vision of a low-cost, open source electrification system which used post-consumer resources – called The Microformer. A link to this document can be found here:

The Microformer – Low-Cost Electrification in Developing Nations using Post-Consumer Resources

The Microformer Nameplate

To ensure safety information is available to others, please download this Microformer nameplate. Document the specific information for your Microformer on this nameplate and attach it to your final, field-ready Microformer. This nameplate presents information about the specific Microformer built, and it does not stand in the place of safety precautions related to assembly, installation, or use of the Microformer. Remember, the Microformer outputs medium voltage electricity (~2kV), and at this level unsafe practices or use can be dangerous. Please take the highest precaution in using the Microformer idea. The Microformer Project or its team members are not responsible for the unsafe use of the Microformer idea or Microformers built by others. Please find this nameplate below in a couple of different forms:

The Microformer Nameplate – TIF, JPG, PDF, PDF (four to a page)

Microformer Research

Ludois, D.; Lee, J.; Mendoza, P.; Venkataramanan, G.;¬†Electr. & Comput. Eng, Univ. of Wisconsin Madison, Madison, WI, USA “Reuse of Post-Consumer E-waste for Low Cost Micropower Distribution“. Presented at the 2011 Global Humanitarian Technology Conference in Seattle, WA.

The Microwave Oven Transformer Parameter Estimation Worksheet

Our conference paper above details how to calculate the parameters of a microwave oven transformer (MOT) using only the physical dimensions of the device. Then, the parameters can be estimated by using a simple ruler or caliper, avoiding the need for expensive measurement equipment. Use this worksheet to help gain an understanding of the properties of the MOT you will be using in a project or learning activity. Please take caution, and use the appropriate safety procedures to obtain a MOT. The worksheet is provide here: The MOT Parameter Estimation Worksheet


Microformer 2011 Global Humanitarian Tech. Conf. Presentation Part 1

Microformer 2011 Global Humanitarian Tech. Conf. Presentation Part 2


Microformer Design Details

Transmission Line Comparisons

Poster with Tables and Graphs from Microformer CLC Report