Technology Transfer

Deployment Intent

The Microformer is one device that is apart of a larger idea. This idea is to provide low cost, high quality engineering documentation for people who wish to build a specific type of electricity transmission system or teach power engineering ideas to students. This larger idea is typically known as open source hardware. We have a physical design (the Microformer, the hardware) that we wish to share with others (open source) through the internet. Our audience is composed of those in ‘Implementation’ or ‘Education’. Those in ‘Implementation’ are the international development engineers, non-for-profit project managers, DIY hobbyists, or others with the appropriate technical know-how to build a Microformer or Microformer T&D System. Those in ‘Education’ are teachers and students who wish to study transformers and power engineering principles in a hands-on way. The documentation and any direct contact between the Microformer project (email, phone contact, lectures, field demonstration) are provided for free and are meant for the betterment of these two audiences.

The Microformer

The Microformer is a low cost, low power, medium voltage transformer idea which could enable greater electrification if used and designed properly. This webpage details the technical information of the Microformer and how to build one. Please use the highest precautions when removing the transformer from a microwave, building a Microformer, and implementing it into an electric system.

The Microformer T&D System

The Microformer, when appropriately designed, can be used in any electric system. This webpage details the specifications for what we mean when we use the term Microformer T&D. Remember to always use the highest safety precautions when building any electricity transmission system including a Microformer T&D system.

Open Hardware

This Open Hardware webpage will detail the open source hardware guidelines of the TAPR license. Please abide by them if you wish to change the design of the Microformer to suit your needs. We ask that you cite our work as the original creators of the Microformer idea.


Through our Documentation webpage, we will post all of our designs including information that we present at conferences, journals, or other outlets.

Demonstration Projects

The Microformer Project Team is actively looking for collaborators who wish to install the Microformer in their electrification projects. Please contact us through our email ( in order to tell us about your project.

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